ОАО «Компания Усть-Луга»

«Ust-Luga port is one of the largest infrastructural projects of European scale in Russia.». V.Putin

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Within Q1 2013, Ust-Luga Port Cargo Turnover Grows in 1.8 Times

// 11 April 2013

Over 2013’s Quarter 1, the stevedoring companies of Ust-Luga Merchant Sea Port transshipped 13,442,736.176 tons of various cargos that was 1.8 times more than over the same period last year.


Ust-Luga Company Coincides Ecological Action with the Day of Children’s Book

// 6 April 2013

On 3 April, the kindergartens of Ust-Luga and Vistino replenish their libraries with new books. The representatives of «Ust-Luga Company» JSC handed this present to the children to commemorate the International Day of Children’s Book.


Leningrad Region Industrialists Initiate Dialog with Authorities

// 3 April 2013

The extended session of the board of the Regional Association of Employers «Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Leningrad Region» was conducted in the regional Government premises.

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«Ust-Luga Company» JSC is the customer-developer of Ust-Luga sea merchant port located in the Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland. Alongside with the port construction the Company is involved in complex social-economic development of the adjacent territory.

Business meeting at the Ust-Luga sea trade port on May 14, 2008, with participation of the Chairman of the RF Government Vladimir Putin, Deputy Chairman of the RF Government Sergey Ivanov, Deputy Chairman of the RF Government Igor Sechin, Minister of the Natural Resources of RF Yuri Trutnev, Minister of Industry and Commerce of RF Victor Khristenko, Minister of Energy of RF Sergey Shmatko, Chief of Federal Bureau of Sea and River Transport Alexander Davidenko, Plenipotentiary of the Presindent of RF in Northwest Federal Region Iliya Klebanov, Governor of Leningrad Region Valery Serdyukov, President of OJSC «RZhD» Vladimir Yakunin, President of OJSC AK Transneft Nikolay Tokarev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ust-Luga Company Valery Izraylit

The Company’s aim is to create a competitive multipurpose merchant port on the Baltic Sea. It will be the most up-to-date port in Russia and will make it possible to redirect the cargo traffic currently going through foreign ports.

The Company has set itself the task of improving the social-economic situation in the region adjacent to the port, creating an efficient industrial complex there, building a new up-to-date beautiful homey town. The Company strives to preserve the environmental assets of the region to the maximum. The Company is aimed at creating a region prestigious to work and comfortable to live in.

«Ust-Luga Company» JSC is a promoter of open joint-stock companies, each of them solving the task of organization of construction and subsequent operation of 20 specialized transshipment complexes and port infrastructural facilities as well as complex development of the territory adjacent to the port. «Ust-Luga Company» JSC is the managing company of the holding comprising subsidiaries and affiliates as well as other companies participating in implementation of the holding’s projects.

In 2005 «Ust-Luga Company» JSC received the Certificate of a participant of the All-Russia «National patrimony» program. During last years «Ust-Luga Company» JSC has been awarded «Russian Railways» Partner» prize as the Best company in the allied mode of transportation.

«Ust-Luga Company» JSC is a member of the Leningrad Chamber of commerce and industry and the Association of sea merchant ports.

Our mission


Our mission is to promote effective integration of Russia in the world economic space through complex development of the modern multipurpose Ust-Luga sea merchant port and adjacent territories.


Lines of activity


«Ust-Luga Company» JSC has several lines of activity related to creation of the largest in Russia multipurpose Ust-Luga sea merchant port and complex social-economic development of the territories adjacent to the port.

The desire to create conditions for the most effective activities of the port and the feeling of social responsibility gave rise to the line of activity involving complex social-economic development of the territory.

Being sensible of the responsibility for the port workers, their families as well as the people living next to the port the Company has made the decision about construction of a new town for 34.5 thous. people.