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«Ust-Luga port is one of the largest infrastructural projects of European scale in Russia.». V.Putin

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Within Q1 2013, Ust-Luga Port Cargo Turnover Grows in 1.8 Times

// 11 April 2013

Over 2013’s Quarter 1, the stevedoring companies of Ust-Luga Merchant Sea Port transshipped 13,442,736.176 tons of various cargos that was 1.8 times more than over the same period last year.


Ust-Luga Company Coincides Ecological Action with the Day of Children’s Book

// 6 April 2013

On 3 April, the kindergartens of Ust-Luga and Vistino replenish their libraries with new books. The representatives of «Ust-Luga Company» JSC handed this present to the children to commemorate the International Day of Children’s Book.


Leningrad Region Industrialists Initiate Dialog with Authorities

// 3 April 2013

The extended session of the board of the Regional Association of Employers «Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Leningrad Region» was conducted in the regional Government premises.

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Port of Ust-Luga

By 2018 the port capacity will amount to 180 mln tons

The multipurpose Ust-Luga merchant sea port is under construction in the Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland. The capacity of the port is up to 180 mln tons of various cargoes per year.

Ust-Luga port is situated practically at the border of the Russian Federation and the European Union. It blends in with the transportation network of the Northwest region that plays a significant role in organization of transit shipments within the frames of the European transport infrastructure.

The deep water area of the port (17 m) together with the short ship channel (3.7 km) make Ust-Luga port the only Russian port on the Baltic Sea capable of admitting dry-cargo vessels with the deadweight of up to 75 thous. tons and liquid cargo carriers with the deadweight of up to 120 thous. tons. The second ship channel providing roundabout ship traffic will be built by 2010.

The year-round operation with a short ice channeling period (40 days only) is an indisputable competitive advantage of Ust-Luga port. Besides, an icebreaker assistance will be needed only in the heaviest frost. In ordinary winters in-channel operation can be carried out with an ice-class tug. A significant advantage of the new port is the fact that the cargo flows go to the port by-passing the extremely congested transport hub of Saint Petersburg. With direct involvement of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation and «Russian railways» JSC active work is already under way to reconstruct external approaches to the port, motorways and railway tracks connecting Ust-Luga port with major traffic arteries. Due to reserve territories Ust-Luga port can develop northward in the direction of Soika peninsula.

Ust-Luga port is being built as a universal port. The multipurpose terminals and operating zones will provide services of transshipment and additional handling of more than 20 categories of cargoes. Due to application of modern technologies and equipment the terminals will be able to meet competitive services terms.

There are eleven terminals currently operating in Ust-Luga port: a Coal Terminal, the Universal Cargo Terminal, a Sulphur Terminal, an Auto-Railway Ferry Complex complex, the actively developing Multipurpose Terminal «Yug-2», Container terminal, the Factor’ Timber Terminal, Terminal «New harbor», Oil Transshipment Terminal, Oil Products Transshipment Terminal, Tank farm «Ust-Luga».

Port auxiliary service fleet

Ust-Luga Port has already got its own auxiliary service fleet that increases considerably the level of its operating capacities and independence.



The reinforcement of the railway approaches to Ust-Luga Port is a part of the investment program of «Russian Railways» JSC; Mga-Gatchina-Veimarn-Ust-Luga Route passes by the overloaded Saint Petersburg junction. The reconstruction supposes construction of two-lane railway over the entire length, elongation of the station yards of the way stations up to 1,050 m — to organize overweight train traffic, complete electrification, erection of extra traction substations, construction of a centralized blocking and communication system.



As the general customer-developer «Ust-Luga Company» JSC is developing the facilities and service units of the general port infrastructure in Ust-Luga port.



The port complex construction is carried out in accordance with the approved Master Plan Scheme. In the process of approval the project underwent environmental impact assessment. All works in the port are carried out in accordance with the coordinated projects and the effective environmental legislation. The organizations performing the works in the port have all the relevant licenses.


Our mission


Our mission is to promote effective integration of Russia in the world economic space through complex development of the modern multipurpose Ust-Luga sea merchant port and adjacent territories.




Development of Sports in the Kingisepp District

«Ust-Luga Company» JSC pays much attention to the development of sports in the Kingisepp Region. In 2011, an agreement on social and economic partnership and cooperation was concluded between «Ust-Luga Company» JSC and the Kingisepp Sport Federation of Biathlon and Ski Race.